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Empowering young people with the social emotional resilience life skills and self development strategies for thriving at school, at home and in adult life.



One in four young people are experiencing significant mental distress and are overly pessimistic about their future. Far too many are not realising their potential to thrive at school, at home and with peers.

​Too many are hitting the ‘Wall’.

​Many want to change their present reality.

They just don’t know how!!


Let us show them How!
Help youth see “Over the Wall”,
empowered to do their best at school, at home and in adult life.

The unique Why Try program.

The interactive Why Try? program is a proven evidence-based, multi-sensory, early prevention and intervention youth mental health and wellbeing program.

** 3+ million youth engaged

** USA, in all 50 states & Canada

** Over 30,000 schools

** Australia, over 5,000 high school students engaged

** Why Try goes Online in Australia

**Aligned with The Australian Students Wellbeing Framework
& Departments of Education Student Behaviour Support Policies.

The Why Try? program applies strength-based principles based on these Mental Health therapeutic modalities:

Why Try? teaches these Social & Emotional Resilience Life Skills

Researchers have independently confirmed the Why Try program improves:

Who Will Benefit from the Why Try program?

Young People

Will find their answers to these life-changing questions:

Why Try?

Why should I put effort into life,
school and relationships.

  • Why I should not give up so easily?
  • How changing my thinking and behaviour will change my current reality, unlock my potential?
  • How do I access freedom of choice, more opportunity in life and healthy self-respect?


Student Support Officers, Mental
Health Practitioners and Wellbeing
Teachers facilitate solution-focused
strategies to successfully

  • foster academic success
  • motivate & engage unmotivated students,
  • support students with conduct issues
  • engage students of all different learning styles
  • reduce truancy & drop-out rates
  • transform school culture
  • improve teacher-student relationships

Parents & Mentors

Are equipped to facilitate the life-changing Why Try? Journey, with their
teenager(s) at home.

Why Try? offers a user-friendly Conscious Parenting curriculum adults and young people enjoy when they:

  • Together, attend the Student’s Online Why Try? Journey workshop
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue and bonding on what matters to them
  • Are developing a growth mindset for self-improvement progress
  • Are building a culture of resilience at home.
Trevor Ethell: Head Teacher Welfare Riverina Suspension Centre, NSW

As a qualified professional Counsellor I appreciate the way that Why try? incorporates both Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Solution-Focussed Brief Therapy principles. I have good news. Of the 200 or so students who went through Why Try? fewer than 10% have re-offended and been suspended again.

Antoinette L: Student Welfare Counsellor, Mill Park Sec. College, Victoria

100% of the students reported they felt Why Try? would change their behaviour both at school and at home. Most students felt Why Try? gave them a sense of purpose.

Judith S.: Copperfield College, Melbourne, School Psychologist

We trialed Why Try this year with Year 11 students, especially for students who were at risk of dropping out, those with AHDH presentations. Because Why Try is multi-sensory it really engages these students as they look to see how they can be self-directed rather than being other-directed in their lives.

J.H.: Student Welfare Teacher, Brighton Sec, College, Victoria

I found Why Try? a terrific program. It gave students a real opportunity to share their feelings and be heard. Why Try? gave them strategies to use in their day to day lives.

Kew High School Chaplain

Our students love Why Try? It was as if it was the highlight of their week.

D. Lyon: School Psychologist Frankston High, Victoria

The feedback we have received fromYear 9 students has been extremely positive. Why Try seemed to have engaged all the students. Each of them being able to relate to one of the different visual analogies or the activities. Each of the students have found that they have benefited in some way, whether it be in regard to their academic ability, their interaction with their peer group or in their family life or just in their daily general approach to life.

Kevin B: Education Innovation Manager, Werribee Sec. College

Eight of the twenty students seemed to have Ah-Ha moments. A fantastic result.

The Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA),

invited David Yap twice to present the Why Try? program at two past ASPA annual conferences.

The Australian Curriculum Studies Association’s (ACSA),

“National Curriculum, a Conversation” Conference in Canberra, featured a Why Try? workshop, presented by David Yap and Dr. Peter Carblis.

The Queensland Professional Development Network (PDN)

Conference, sponsored by the Queensland Education Department, attended by 300 plus School Principals & Leaders offered two Why Try? workshops

60 Rotary Clubs

have hosted a Why Try? Talk and donated teaching and learning resources, to initiate the roll out of Why Try? at a local school. David & Jeanette Yap have been the primary benefactors of Why Try? in Australia.

Fred L.: Past Rotary Governor District 9700, Sunrise Rotary Club

“One dollar spent proactively is worth more than one thousand dollars spent reactively. The Why Try program is a proactive program.” ”WhyTry? is the best pre-court diversion program I have come across in 22 years of involvement with youth crime prevention programs as a Police Officer.” “Why Try” hit the spot with me when I attended the Why Try Facilitators Certification Training. Why Try teaches young people to be accountable and responsible for their actions”